Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  When is the right time for me to consider placing my loved one in a skilled nursing home?  


A: If you have a growing concern for the health and safety of your loved one, or of your physical ability to continue providing care to a loved one at home, it is time to start looking into nursing home care.  To be clearer on this important issue, if your loved one neglects daily care, hygiene, needs regular medical attention, is not aware of safety, or does not remember to take important medications, St. Francis Home may be the answer to your prayers.


Q:  Is there a waiting list to get into St. Francis Home?


A.  No. In the past, St. Francis Home used a waiting list to project future need for services.  This practice has been replaced with electronic data.  Today we are usually able to offer a room within 24-72 hours if the person’s care needs matches our service capabilities.


Q:  My mother has declined rapidly in her ability to remember basic functions.  She has exceeded my ability to care for her on my own. 
Can you help?


A:  Yes, we can help to alleviate the increased burden you feel from providing care to your loved one.  We can also help you with our Family Council, to feel secure in your decision to seek nursing care of your loved one.  So many of our residents have some level of dementia and require more attention than families can provide.  We applaud you for all you have done and we invite you to continue to be involved in your loved one’s life and needs.  


Q:  Do you have staff specially trained to care for memory & dementia  patients?


A:   Yes.  Many of the St. Francis Home staff has achieved the level of Certified Dementia Practitioners.  Their training has helped them to understand how to patiently care for persons experiencing memory loss as well as how to communicate so the resident’s frustration lessens and their final years are peaceful and their needs are met.  Our residents tend to thrive in a wonderful way. 


QWhat is included in your daily rate?

1.       Daily Room and Board

2.       Bed Linens

3.       Routine Nursing Care

4.       Routine Nursing Supplies

5.       Physician Visits

6.       Pharmaceuticals/medications

7.       Therapeutic Diets/Meals/Snacks

8.       Incontinence Briefs

9.       Housekeeping Services

10.    Daily Activities

11.    Rehabilitation Therapies

12.    Wheelchair

13.    Walker

14.    Oxygen Supplies

15.    Transportation to doctor appointments

16.    Spiritual care

·     Other Hospitality Services and amenities LIKE WEEKLY SALON SERVICES and cable T.V. are optional with charge.  Please go to the Financial Information Tab here on the website, for additional information.



Just minutes away and centrally located off of M-46/Gratiot Road, heading North on River Road, in Shields.

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    There aren’t enough words to express our gratefulness to the entire staff of St. Francis Home. You took care of mom with kid gloves and lots of love & friendship. We are so grateful. God Bless all of you.
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