Note from the Administrator: March, 2017

Dear Residents, Families and Friends of St. Francis Home,


Greetings from the desk of the administrator.

Well, this is March, and as we all remember the old saying, “If March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb.” If this entrance of March is a true indication of the old saying, April 1st should be a glorious, beautiful Spring day!

Speaking of Spring, March 20th is the first day of Spring. I am told it will be a beautiful day. Also, March is the month the Irish can kick up their heels! St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th. I don’t dare forget St. Patrick’s Day, as it’s also my wife’s birthday. But my wife is Polish; so on St. Patrick’s Day, she does the polka to the tune of an Irish jig played on an accordion--while drinking green beer. What a gal!

Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour on March 12th, Daylight Saving Time begins; so when you go to bed Saturday night and wake up Sunday morning, you will have lost an hour of sleep because when you set your clock ahead on Saturday night at 10:00 pm, it’s really 11:00 pm, but not until 2:00 am on Sunday morning. Church will be at the same time, only it’s really an hour earlier. Simple, isn’t it!?

Please enjoy the last few days of winter and seeing the beautiful snow on the ground. It will be gone soon, and then we can get ready to start complaining how hot it is! The good news is we can still enjoy all the seasons God has created for us.          

Have a wonderful March!

Blessings to all,



James Schiermyer, NHA

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    You not only helped my mom, you also comforted the family and helped all of us through her end of life. The Quality of Service you provided was nothing short of miraculous.
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