Note from the Administrator: February, 2017

Dear Residents, Families and Friends of St. Francis Home,


Hello, and welcome to February, 2017!

As we continue to “enjoy” a relatively mild winter, comparatively speaking, we can start to sense that Spring is that much closer. I believe that this Spring will be the one I have most looked forward to beyond all others. No real good reason why, other than the need to get out in the fresh air and warm weather. Oh, and maybe I’m a little more anxious to swing a golf club!

As you may remember, I am here on an interim basis. We have begun the process of interviewing candidates for the administrator’s position, and will continue this process until the board finds that one candidate that presents as an excellent fit for St. Francis Home.  The goal is to have that person in place as the new administrator by May 1st.

As I write this article, we are experiencing an outbreak of flu symptoms on St. Joseph’s Hall. We urge all those families and friends of residents to either refrain from visiting until this outbreak has resolved; or, if you have not had the flu shot, wear a mask when visiting. The masks are available at the front entrance.

Please help us in our efforts to eradicate this outbreak. Also, to EVERYONE, wash your hands or use the hand sanitizer located throughout the building, frequently.

And to add a lighter note in the mist of our wintery weather: Does anyone know how Moses makes his coffee………..?? Why, HEBREWS it! 

Blessings to all,



James Schiermyer, NHA

Domains of Wellbeing: Identity

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    You not only helped my mom, you also comforted the family and helped all of us through her end of life. The Quality of Service you provided was nothing short of miraculous.
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